JBG Personal Care

An unlimited, free, confidential benefit for employees and family members with access through the JBG website, internet chat, telephone or mobile app, EAP / Assist. Like all JBG services, Personal Care is available 24 hours / 365 days and kept confidential.

Access to JBG Personal Care:
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Click here to access JBG Personal Care
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Locate JBG Personal Care on home page
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Enter company log-in [custom for each group]; log-in code shown on the employee flyer
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a New page opens to articles, resources and links to listed topics
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a To search for information, enter that topic in the Search box [upper right corner]
Website features [detail in JBG‘s List of EAP Services]:
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Legal research, consultations [30 minute, free consultation with local network attorney, and 25% discount from network attorney’s published fees]
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a ID theft recovery guidance
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Personal financial help, including budget preparation and management, credit card debt reconciliation, planning for mortgages and college funding, and many helpful services
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Discount shopping
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Mayo Clinic medical, mental health and lifestyle advice
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Monthly Wellness and Lifestyle webinars [30+ archived]; Certificate of Completion available
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a eLearning programs; Certificate of Completion available
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Over 5,000 articles, resources and links to through a searchable database
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Internet chat with Personal Care specialists
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