Paul Fleming


Paul brings 34+ years of experience in management and marketing of substance abuse treatment centers, integrated Employee Assistance Programs/Managed Behavioral Health Care, and benefits marketing. He has assisted clients throughout the country with design, implementation and account management of programs of all sizes and complexity. Paul is President of Student Assistance Programs & Training Services, a national firm offering mental health services to Universities, Colleges and K-12 school districts throughout the country.

Ellen Fleming

Vice President / Account Manager

Ellen participates in the management of JBG and provides account management services to select accounts throughout JBG’s service region. Her career in national sales and account management expands the value of JBG’s services to customers, employees and families.

Deborah Carr

RN, MS, CEAP, Consultant

Deb has unique clinical and management background in national and international EAP settings. Deb is a registered nurse, has a Master’s Degree from Lesley College, and is Past President of the Occupational Professional Consultants Association. She offers JBG customers, substantial clinical skills, as well as training expertise; among her presentations, Emotional Intelligence, Sexual Harassment, Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Supervision.

Don Jorgensen

Ph.D., Executive Consultant

Don is the founder of JBG and managed the company until 2014, when he transferred it to Paul and Ellen Fleming. Don remains involved with JBG through specialized training and management consulting he provides to JBG customers. Don is Past President of the International Employee Assistance Professionals [EAPA]. He continues to write and speak internationally on EAP topics.

Natalie Romo

Marketing Manager

Natalie’s knowledge of software programs, organization skills and personal attention are vital to the success of JBG’s proposals, new customer implementation, and effective communication of JBG’s services and goals.

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