Since 1991, JBG has been a significant resource and valued partner in personal and business mental health. JBG serves customer groups throughout the country from its credentialed clinical network and expansive work-life services. JBG’s on-site crisis response specialists assure immediate attention to Critical/Traumatic Incidents. JBG professionals deliver productive Training and Management Development events.

JBG customers represent the widest range of employment diversity – Space Research and Components; Medical Innovation; Mining; Construction; Banking and Financial Services; Hospitals; Software Development; Community Mental Health; Counties, Cities, Towns, Colleges, and School Districts.

  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a EAP Counseling
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Management Support
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Training Services
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Workplace Crisis Response
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Workplace Leadership
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