JBG Clinical Care

Our first responsibility is to assure employees and their families of exceptional counseling when they need it, near where they live, work or travel. Central to JBG’s success is live response from professionals, 24 hours / 365 days, creating an always open mental health service.

One telephone number for employee / family members and management for all JBG services:

520-575-8623 [Tucson] or 888-520-5400

A mobile app, EAP / Assist, allows immediate access to JBG services.

Counseling typically is face-to-face in private offices. However, if the client wishes, they can receive counseling through scheduled telephonic or video sessions. These sessions, like face-to-face, are 45 minutes in length with a licensed therapist. EAP counseling is offered for each covered person [employee, household member and children up to age 26], per problem, per contract year; the number of sessions per problem is determined by the employer in its contract with JBG.

JBG relies on the counseling skills of a network of therapists to treat our clients. Professional qualifications of each therapist have been confirmed as to their their formal education in the specialty in which they practice; previous counseling experience; licensing, including complaints [JBG does not retain providers with a complaint history]; liability insurance; and office facilities.  JBG network providers submit detailed information as to their clinical specialties, practice limitations, and operating locations, days and hours. JBG identifies providers with skills in, among other areas, PTSD [Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome], EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Recovery], and Suicide Prevention.

  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Marital and Relationship
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Separation and divorce
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Parenting
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Substance [alcohol/drug] misuse
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Gambling
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Stress
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Work conflicts
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Financial concerns
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Depression
  • b39d53607b2d1f472221633214dcfe5a Loss and Grief
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